June 3-4, 2011: A visit with Kelly and Liv

There is a special spot in my heart reserved only for the Huberts and I was blessed to spend extended time with Kelly and Liv this weekend. They made the trip out we had a great time talking, sitting by the pool, enjoying the lake, and just being together. Kelly and Liv just make me smile. And, although I wish I could take Sanfilippo away from Liv as much as I wish I could take it away from Jayden and Brooklyn…I am glad that we have one another. I feel like I am not alone in this when I am with her and when I look at Liv, I see my children. I love Kelly’s heart for others, and her continuous determination not to give up. She is a crafty, beautiful, smart, athletic, witty, fun, and loving friend and I admire her so much….Thank you Kelly for letting me be part of your journey….