June 6, 2011: e-mealz.com cooking

June 6, 2011: e-mealz.com cooking

Believe it or not, I can actually say I can cook! Like meals! For about two months now (I am writing this 7.31) I have been using e-mealz. You put in your store of preference and your “diet” preference (low-fat, regular, gluten free, etc.) and weekly, it generates your meals on an excel sheet and your grocery list by aisle at your store! It even estimates how much each item costs, and each item has a corresponding number to each meal, so if you don’t like the meal, you cross off all the items with that number so you don’t purchase them. It has been really fun to make things with ingredients, and to get the results from happy kids and a happy dad each meal. We also have been able to have enough food to have over last minute guests. Angie texts me sometimes to see what is on the menu for the night! We all rank the meals out of four stars and most have gotten 3-4 stars! We do the low-fat, walmart meals and they really have been yummy! I even made pizza and shrimp with grits which both were really good. It’s $15 for 3 months of menus.