July 3, 2011: Children’s Memorial

This time last year, we were “celebrating” the 4th of July from Children’s Memorial, 3rd floor. Jayden had a cyst that ruptured and he was bleeding in his brain so they had to place a tube in the top of his head in a small hole they drilled in his skull for a few days. We almost lost Jayden during this 2 week ordeal. ( To read more, you can look up our blog during that time) So, as we were getting ready to welcome the 4th this year, which is one of my favorite holidays, I was thankful and reflective that we were not in the hospital this year. Once you experience an extended stay at a Children’s hospital, you can’t help but think about the families that are there when you are not. I was thinking, I wish there was a way that I could reach out to a family that is there….but they don’t just let you in. You need to know a name of someone specific, to protect the families there. I was telling Jut how much I wanted to reach out, but couldn’t think of a way to do it. Then, God, in His sovereign ways, logged me onto Facebook at the exact time that the Garcia’s were posting online.

Emily Garcia is a beautiful young lady in our youth group and I just adore her and her family. I knew Emily was having surgery for scoliosis but I thought she was at a different hospital. Still, I had forgotten she was happening this week. He mom posted that she is doing well, she would be up for visitors, and she was at Children’s Memorial, on the same exact floor, a room away from where we were exactly one year ago! I knew I just had to go. I made big Fourth of July baskets for her and her roommate who was a little 5 year old girl who was having a rough stay. I was so excited to go do this… don’t you feel so good when you know you listened to God prompting you to do something and you listen!? I was thrilled to go see her so I grabbed Jayden, and we headed down. I walked by the nurses’ station and saw many familiar faces, and they recognized Jayden. I just had to thank them for being there…and explained why we were back. They had warm greetings for Jayden and said, “Someone’s got to be here!” And it made me even more grateful for people who choose to enter into difficult professions or situations to help others. They are missing time with their loved ones to help someone else and that is so beautiful. I spent a few minutes with Emily and her dad. They are such a blessing and so positive. I left the gift on the little girl’s bed and Emily told me she was really happy when she returned to see it. I left on a high that day, knowing I got it right in that moment. I was thriving and feeling blessed. It leaves me wanting that feeling more.