July 4, 2011: Fourth of July weekend

As I mentioned earlier, I had to make the most of the Fourth because it was our first one with Brooklyn! So…here was our agenda:

Tie-dye shirts-Mundelein

Joan and I drove the kids to Mundelein Library to tie-dye red, white and blue t-shirts. It was an hour drive for 5 minutes, but a fun memory!

Navy Base-Stef’s parents in town

My parents came into town to celebrate so we went to the Navy Base for their festival. The carnie at the airplane ride was so great! He let Jayden ride until he started to try to get out! We also walked around and Steve bought us dinner. Yum! I love festival food!

Kenosha Parade

We met up with Justin’s Cousin, Sarah, and her family…too bad Jayden didn’t enjoy himself…good thing it was short!

Run for freedom

Many of our runner friends got together to complete a first/practice 5k to gear up for October’s big race! Justin ran with Brooklyn in the stroller and was the first with a stroller to finish! Way to go, runners!

Suresh BBQ and fireworks

Suresh, president/co-founder of Harvest India (where Jut went on a mission trip) was visiting for a week and we invited him and the India team to our home to celebrate his arrival and the fourth of July. He was very kind and wonderful to be around. He is definitely a humble man after God’s own heart and loves his people and country. So, it had to be interesting for him to join us while we celebrated our country and its people. What a great time! Then, we met up with Justin’s family in Zion for fireworks. I love the 4th! See what Suresh and his team are up to: http://www.harvestindia.org/ see one way you can help: http://www.walletsforwater.com