July 11, 2011: Hearing aids

Christina signed up for her second trip to a dr. visit, only this time it was at Glenbrook for hearing aids. Both kiddos needed molds for their ears so they can get hearing aids. Christina helped me pick out “cool” colors for their hearing aids: Both are getting clear molds (the thing in their ears) and the backs are pink for Brooklyn and Beige for Jayden. Funny-I am excited a bit to get them. Not about the fact they will chew them and loose them, but that they can hear better!

It has been a journey for sure getting to this point. As most adults think a “label” for their child is the kiss of death, even the little labels they hand out these days…..we are finally embracing those labels as the exact thing that will help. I know parents that don’t want their kids to wear an allergy sticker, biting necklace, glasses, or hearing aids because they don’t want their child to be “different”. But, what is so wrong with different?! If you think a minor ADHD label is embarrassing, how about special order- handicapped diapers for your five year old, or a “book” of labels & special needs, larger strollers, and now hearing aids, or worst, “terminal”? It’s all about perspective.

Want honest? I am glad we have hearing aids them so when people stare, they know we are different and proud to be. Maybe they won’t give us a hard time cause we’ve squeezed our child into a toddler seat when they see them. I am also excited that they will be able to hear. They hear like they are underwater, dropping the beginning and ending of sounds of words….”car” sounds like “a”. That is one reason they can’t speak as well because you can’t make sounds you can’t hear. I care so much less about labels, and what people’s perceptions are, and care more about doing whatever helps my child. And, I am sad I ever thought any different.