July 7-9, 2011: One on One Basketball

Justin and I have been a part of one on one basketball, a 3 day camp for 12-14 year old boys, since it’s first year. As our life has changed over the years, we have less responsibility, but still love being a part. Justin was the guest speaker for 3 of the morning sessions and was AWESOME! He worked so hard on his messages and planted a whole lot of seeds in these boys hearts. He shared about growing up, India, and our kids. I would even say he is a better speaker than me-even though I have done it a few more times! Jut-I am so proud of you! One-on-one was the dream child of Denis LaBelle and with the help of many others, his dream came to life. What I love most about Denis is his passion for the camp and how desperately he wants these kids to hear the gospel through their love of basketball. If you know a boy that loves basketball, 12-14 years old, this is a camp you don’t want to have them miss. It is in Zion the Thursday-Saturday, the weekend after the fourth. It’s only $60 and the food is AMAZING!

One-on-one volunteers, keep up the great work-big or small we are happy to be a part!

(I have great photos of Jayden at the camp, just have to get them from Dennis DuBois)