Fall stuff: WOW and Dance class with B

This fall, I am trying a few new things. Wednesdays (Women of the Word), I am taking a Precepts class with Michelle Jenison, Deb Boerman is teaching, and have really enjoyed it so far. Studying Scripture this way is awesome, I love color coding so that helps, but even more, I am really getting a lot out of learning about the old and new covenant. I am desperate to learn more about and personally claim God’s promises.

On Thursdays, Brooklyn and I are taking our first dance class together! It is special for me because she is dancing in the class I used to teach at the very same park district. I think she is the youngest of the girls. She is not a huge fan of it, but I am up for making memories. Now, if I could just get her to let go of my leg and dance!!!!

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