Sept 16: Matt’s Game

One of my greatest honors is working with high school youth. Ironic, since Jayden and Brooklyn’s teen years will look much different than all the ones I work with. Part of our journey was grieving the loss of possibly never going to a dance recital for Brooklyn, a track meet or basketball game of Jayden’s, seeing them go to prom, or maybe even youth group. Yet, every week, twice a week, our life and home is full of teenagers.

God has a way of twisting things into blessings if we are willing to see it as that. I just adore many of our high schoolers and their faith truly inspires me. I love how they love and accept my kids, and that love has poured over into how they are with kids their age with special needs. They sit at their lunch tables, stick up for them, and some are “buddies” to the students. It is beautiful to see a big football Senior giggle with Jayden in our bounce house. Or watch a game of tag around the house with Brooklyn and Christina. It is just plain fun. I love our home full of high schoolers, the timing is just different than we thought it would be.

I see the gift God has given me. I may not watch Brooklyn’s dance competition, but I got to watch Michelles. I may not get to have a deep conversation with Brooklyn, but I can with 20 students in my living room. I may never hit my imaginary brake when Jayden learns to drive, but I will when Steph starts driving. I may never see Jayden in the band, but I saw Cameron. I may never see Jayden’s football game, but Sept 16, I saw Matt’s.

Matt is one of the students that attended Beta at my house last spring and now attends deeper. One of the most humble, smart, God fearing football captains I have ever met. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because his mother is simply amazing. If you want to see what Jesus looks like as a Puerto Rican woman, look at Irma-it’s beautiful!

The more I think of it, I have the best of both worlds. I hear parents of teens complain all the time about the cost of sports, attending another game, my kid doesn’t pay enough, so and so’s kid gets better fill-in-the-blank. I also know dad’s that whine about a 3 hour dance recital, or never even go. I am so blessed to appreciate seeing any student do anything they love and am happy to support them, but don’t have to deal with all the yucky stuff!

I sat with some of the girls and brought my camera to try to get some fun shots for the students. It was an awesome game and I had a great time. Funny. It’s all about perspective. Thank you-God-for giving me this moment and these incredible students.