Sept 20: Adventures in hearing aids

So both of the kiddos have hearing aids now, and they really don’t keep them in much. It has turned into a bit of a game. They say, “How fast can I disassemble them and put them in my mouth before mom gets me while she’s driving?” Brooklyn lost her set…Jut found them in the trash in a McDonalds bag. The next day, Jayden lost one ear at school. The next day, I sent him with the one he didn’t loose, and he lost that one somewhere between the bus and classroom. That same day, they found the one he lost from the previous day! Needless to say, these things, for as well as they work…need to be implanted!And we are already on set two with Jayden! Oh, did I mention they cost $2,000 a set!? That’s $1,000 an ear X 4!