Sept 21: Missouri girls road trip

Talk about the perfect get away. Now, I love my family, but there is nothing like taking an extended weekend with my girls, road-trippin’ it to Aunt Sue’s listening to old 90’s hits! Angie, Michelle, Sarah, and I made the 10 hour journey to Branson and really had a blast! We “slept in,” drank coffee on the porch, ate breakfast in peace, took our time getting ready, and shopped all day. I was only responsible for feeding, dressing, bathing, and wiping one person, ME!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about taking care of my kids, I just APPRECIATE both times! Thank you to Jut and Joan for pulling most of the weight when I was gone. I really couldn’t have left if you guys wouldn’t have helped out so, thank you!

To my girls, thanks for the fun, laughter, tears, car sickness, bad singing, deer legs, inside jokes, and memories! Love you!

Sue-thank you for hosting, for all your great ideas of things to do, your stories, treating us to lunch and pickles, and our photo shoot! We all really like you too!

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