House Showings/New basement

Our home gets an occasional showing…about 1 every price drop…we have now reduced it $55,000 and counting. Sadly, it has been on the market now for over 1 year and everyone who has seen it likes the interior but not the location.

The complaints so far have been that we are on a well…septic, we have above ground power lines, we are near the airport, and we are Waukegan schools. They all say great décor and great price…but they don’t even bite with a low-ball offer. I am beginning to see it as God’s provision. Where else would we live at almost 8 months pregnant and an unfinished home?! At this point, it will be easier to sell now than 6 months ago. It is hard knowing we are loosing money, but we are beyond blessed to be moving into a home mortgage free this summer! It will all work out, and the more life I live, I remember how God has directed us this far, good thing he knows what is planned because I can worry less!

We do need to get into Beach Park schools by June for Jayden to start summer school…so move over Uncle Chad, here we come!

On a more exciting note, the basement cement has been poured! Way to go, guys! Thank you! It looks AMAZING!

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