Feb 14, 2012 Dr Burton visit

Happy Valentine’s day! We spent the morning down at children’s memorial for the kiddos 3 month check-up. It really has just become part of who we are now…and I have to say, the familiarity of the drive, parking, knowing our way around the building, the shock of it all has worn off.

I think that has been a good thing. It’s just what we do. It was nice that school was canceled so Jayden didn’t miss a beat (or a party). As far as the check-up went, the kids are still doing well. Nothing major has changed. They continue to take genistein and we made a new ortho appt for both the kids. We also had blood and urine collected. Blood work is fine as is the urine, showing good GAG results this time for both kiddos. The new baby was discussed in terms of collecting blood to be sent off for lab confirmation on Sanfilippo. Other than that, they are taller, weigh more, and Brooklyn still struggles with getting her vitals checked! All in a days work!

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