Feb 23, 2012: Make-a-wish

We have the best two wish granters Make-A-Wish has! Tonight was our first visit with Andy and Richard, two wonderful make-a-wish volunteers. Both men are dads, and passionate about helping kids see their wishes come true.

We spent a few hours getting to know them, and them getting to know us. It was fun watching the kids warm up to them and even climb and sit by them. Jayden got m & ms and a cool tool box, while Brooklyn got a cool princess CD player and m & ms too. We discussed our wishes for the kids and they are super excited because they will get to be a part of the wishes beginning to end. The wishes kind of overlap, both kids will enjoy each other’s wishes. Jayden’s wish is a safe, outdoor space to run and play, and Brooklyn’s is a safe, indoor space. I am so excited for the kids and to have them have wishes they can enjoy for a lifetime, designed specifically for them! It should be all together in the fall in time for our grand open house!

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