Feb 25, 2012: our Parents Christmas gift

The older I get, the more I want to create memories and give gifts that create memories, instead of the picture frame, candle,  trendy something or other that ends up getting tossed in a year or two.  Now, I am not great at this yet, and I always think people would rather get a “real” gift, but I went out on a limb this year with our folks and thought I would give them a “memory.”  

So, we had our dear friends, Jason Alm, who is an amazing chef, and his fabulous wife, the dessert queen, prepare  a  wonderful  4 course meal for our parents. We set the table, and Jason and Sarah were dressed in their catering gear, and served our folks an awesome meal. Unless they are lying, I think it was a huge success and they even want to do it again. We gave up our house and had Chinese, so we were a bit jealous that they got such a fantastic meal from the Alm’s….but we are so glad it was such a great evening for everyone.

I highly recommend having Jason cook for any dinner event you have coming up! He is a dream! And Sarah puts any waitress to shame! Not to mention her delicious dessert!








Thanks again, Alms…and Merry Christmas, Steve, Sherry, Joan and Ken!

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