March 3-4: a weekend of celebrations!

Mar 3, 2012: GG’s birthday party
This weekend consisted of two very special celebrations. First, was Great Grandma Bea’s birthday. Grandma is the only “great” grandma the Jayden and Brooklyn still have this side of heaven and we are so blessed to have a relationship with her.

It is still a bit sad to think about her getting older and things changing, but such is life, right? We have learned once again the lesson of just enjoying what we have in the moment. (GG with Sarah at Jayden and Brooklyn’s birthday)

Mar 4, 2012: Kate’s Shower
The next day, after years of watching a dear friend journey down the road to parenthood, we finally were able to celebrate with Kate and Mark the newest addition to their family. They adopted a little girl, Lydia. She is a beautiful princess with dark hair and precious eyes…when they’re open…. And I loved the “new baby” smell as I held her. We are so happy for Kate and Mark!


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