Pregnancy Progress: Third Trimester

This pregnancy has been physically and emotionally difficult.  I have never been a good pregnant person….and toward the last few months, it has really taken a toll. I know looking back you forget most of it, but I wanted to blog about the yucky-ness so I don’t forget!

I have almost every symptom in the book.  From top to bottom, my ears have been plugged most of my 3rd trimester, I have heartburn….when I am not nauseous or vomiting.  I have breasts that weigh 5 pounds each (sorry if this is TMI) and a ever growing belly that has now blocked the view of my feet.  It is so uncomfortable and I just want a break from carrying it. She moves like there is dance music and my belly is the club, and of course it is at the least desirable times of the night.  I pee every 2 hours at night so I have not slept an entire night in months.  My back hurts, I can’t see or bend over to even wipe my butt JMy thighs ache and my ankles are swollen…I have even woken up in the middle of the night with a foot cramp that leaves me limping for days.  I think my toes are painted….they seem so far away … and yes, I waddle. I waddle all the time.  Emotionally I am bi-polar….one minute crying the next yelling, and finally laughing. There. I am done complaining.  Don’t get me wrong. I know ALL the blessings, and don’t take a moment for granted, but in the spirit of honesty, the actually stuff pregnancy does to me sucks.

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