May 30, 2012: Miss Elliotte Brynn Boyce

Last night, we left Brooklyn with Ama, tucked Jayden in his bed, and tried to get one last night of “rest” as thoughts of new baby danced in our heads. I woke frequently, mostly to empty my bladder as usual, but at 5AM, something else woke me…cramps. I thought it may be nerves because I was being induced it a few hours, so I got up thinking they would slow down but they actually increased.

I sat down and enjoyed some peace and quiet, wrote a blog entry, and began to pack the last of the stuff. The more I moved, the more intense the contractions got. I called at 6AM to see what to do and they told me to come down to labor and delivery. We dropped J off and arrived at 7AM. Our wonderful nurse, Jeana (Gina), got us settled and checked me and I was 4cm at 7AM. I was shocked. I requested an epidural as soon as she said 4 and within the hour, I had it and was at 6cm. Another hour or so I was at 8.5 and by 10:15 I was ready to push. I was amazed. I had no idea she was coming on her own…they didn’t even have to induce me. What an organized little baby! I love it! Jayden and Brooklyn took 20 minutes to push. Jayden weighed 7.6 and was two weeks early. Brooklyn weighed 7.12 and was induced at 39 weeks. So….I thought I would be holding Elliotte by 10:45. Boy, was I wrong. They turned the epidural down a bit so I felt where to push and after 2 very painful hours and tons of different positions, tears, and Jeana yelling ”mor-mor-mor-mor or we go to c-section” (in her Chinese accent), at 12:14pm, I gave birth to a 9 pound, 11 oz., 20 in. beautiful, chunky baby girl! Everyone in the room, including me, were shocked at her size. As far as I was concerned…I tore so I was out with the shakes for a while. After I was taken care of…they were a bit concerned about the amount of blood I lost (and I am anemic). Thursday morning, 1-5 AM they gave me a blood transfusion. Elliotte is a great eater and sleeper, and really a good little baby so far. It is hard getting back in the newborn saddle…relearning how to breastfeed, being sore, all that good stuff….but as always, well worth the pain! Welcome little Miss Elliotte Brynn Boyce! We love you!

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