June 2012…recap

June 1: Jayden graduates

My little man has “graduated” from Kindergarten! Time sure flies.

Still on pain medication, I made my way from the hospital, after just giving birth to Ellie, and sat myself in the packed gym on a metal chair to watch my son graduate. I treasure this moment.  Jayden even got a special award for being a good reader!  My sweet husband stepped in to  be Jayden’s 1-on-1 aide for the program (she was unable to make it). He sang the songs and moved Jayden’s hands to the moves.  It was such a special moment. With every milestone that passes, we endure the sadness and the joy. On the one hand, we are sad it is passing. In the same breath, we are overjoyed that he is still here.  Many of our conversations start like this….”Remember when he could…..and end with, I am glad he is still…” Bitter sweet are these moments indeed.


 June 9: Christopher


Christopher, a man living with MPS II, came to stay with us for a few days to add us, along with 40 other families, to a documentary he is doing documenting how families live with MPS.  It was great meeting Christopher, and we are so thankful he has dedicated his life to capturing the journey.  If you have an hour, please check it out. (especially 57 minutes in). At the beginning of the video, you will also see Brooklyn rocking it out to Barney! http://youtu.be/6q213rvHRJA


June 12: Jayden at Summer school

Jayden begins attending Laremont! I have posted before about how blessed we are to have this staff and school surrounding Jayden.  We can’t stress how grateful we are-Thank you!

June 23: Erik and Casey Ness wedding

One of the best weddings I have been to! Not only was it a beautiful tent reception on a farm, decorated with lights and pinterest décor, it was a beautiful picture of the body of Christ. The Ness and Anderson families are very special to us. Bonnie, Erik’s mom, passed away from a brain aneurism a few years ago. She was a co-worker, mentor, and special friend. We served in youth ministry together and she was always my roommate on staff retreats. I adored Bonnie. I still miss her dearly. I can still hear and see her smile. Her daughter, Melissa, was my first of many “favorites” in youth group. I had her my first year as a Junior. She is one amazing young woman. Her dad, Steve, is one of the best guys around. He is the definition of a servant heart and makes the best wings around! He is one of the 3 guys responsible for the house we live in now. Erik is cut from this loin. The Anderson’s have had their own journey. Casey came up through our youth ministry and was a born leader. Her father, Dave, did all the electric in our home. Her mom, was our realtor. Sue, another inspirational woman, has battled years with breast and now, brain cancer. Her faith is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a person. Its like being around Jesus….just like Bonnie. The wedding was so special as we saw our church community gather to remember Bonnie, celebrate Sue being there, and the union of Erik and Casey. Although young, they have learned how to live out their love for Jesus and it is so refreshing to see. Thank you for letting us be just one of the many people who are honored to go on this journey with you, Ness/Anderson’s. The wedding, I imagine, will be much like the banquet with Jesus one day!
June 29: Alan and Mallory
A totally different, but equally special wedding I attended the next weekend was of my dear friend, Alan and his beautiful wife, Mallory. Alan and I have been like brother and sister since 8th grade. I have always enjoyed his humor, his caring heart, and the way he has always looked out for me. I had the honor of being a part of their special day doing a reading at the ceremony. The wedding was a reflection of them and it was great seeing a lot of old and dear friends.

June has been a great time bonding with Ellie and enjoying the outdoors!


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