#tbt post 2: Sweet Voices

Jayden and Brooklyn spend a ton of time at doctors offices.  Days of being weighed, touched, poked, and tested.  In fact, we just got back from participating in the Natural History Study of Sanfilippo being completed in Columbus, Ohio.  We started in July and this was our six month check up.  I am sure you all want the details because the doctors there are working on gene therapy-a potential cure/treatment for children with Sanfilippo.

I will write more in an upcoming post, but I didn’t want to miss Throw Back Thursday!

Enjoy a #tbt post from 2011, and a sweet video from around the same time.

August 22 Let’s get physicials, physicals….

Jayden and Brooklyn (and Ama) went to get physicals/annual check-ups at Lake Forest Peds. What an adventure! It was a rough one with both the kiddos bouncing off the wall! We did shots and the regular height and weight jazz. They really don’t ever tell us anything we don’t already know, in fact it is me usually educating the dr. about the latest visits to Chicago or U of Minn. Overall, we really like Dr Terkildsen (wink wink, Katie!) and feel a special connection to him because he was perceptive enough to get us down to a genetic counselor early in the game to get a diagnosis for Jayden. So, I am pleased to announce….no news, routine appointment!

2015 notes: In the video, we just picked up Brooklyn from visiting Rockford.  I love hearing Jayden say, “Beeba.” Routine has become such a treasured word in our family!

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