A humble prayer

Thanks for stopping by Boyce Lane! I was cleaning up my “notes” on my phone and stumbled upon this journal entry. It’s a humble prayer I wrote when we had a quiet time during the high school small group I was attending this time last year. It was such a great reminder for me today I thought I would share. God bless you, especially those mama’s that are home with kids today…darn you, Casimir Pulaski.  [wink]
It’s hard to fall in love with someone you can’t see….
but I see you in my children’s eyes. 
Someone I can’t hear…. 
but I hear you in the voices of my friends. 
I hear you in your Word. 
It’s hard to feel you…
but I know you’re near in the way you 
provide my every need. 
Maybe our love isn’t a conventional one. 
But isn’t that why it’s amazing?!  
Maybe it’s more. 
Maybe it’s more intimate than words. Maybe it’s in the chase, I fall in love. Maybe it’s not in the falling, but in the staying.  The good, the bad, the tops and valleys, the boring and mundane, the exciting and new. 
Lord, help me be obsessed with you. I want to think of you often, meditating on your word, but even more, having it alive in my character. 
Everything that is valuable takes work. And, work can really be good when you are doing exactly what you’re designed to do.  Giving you glory is what I was designed to do, the “hard stuff”  is dying to my will. 
More of you, less of me, Lord!  
I want to be reckless for you. 
I want to be wrecked by you. 
I want to be consumed by you. 
I want to be bold for you. 
Luke warm is where we realize you are not our obsession, we are fair weather fans. 
We have made you our hobby instead of our breath. 
Luke warm, the God of the universe spits us out. We need to ask ourselves if we are comfortable with luke warm too long, did we ever really know you? How could we really love you if we don’t know you? 
So, how do we know you? 
People who shine brightly pointing towards you. Spending time in your word. Trusting you by being obedient. 
Lord, you are so amazing. 
Help me seek you. 
Discover you, long to be with you. 
Lord help me learn and live your words. 
Help me take you at your word-claiming your promises as my own-resting in who you say I am. 
Make me humble.
Mold me.
Get crystal clear, for I am foolish, what to do in the moments I breathe so I may give you glory.
Lord help me be wise. 
Audience of one, Lord. 
What you think of me is all that matters. 

Not even what I think of myself.


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