Mornings on Boyce Lane: how to pause long enough to see Jesus in the routine

Make no mistake.

Justin is a primary caregiver in this house. When you have kids with demanding physical needs, you don’t have time to play house. No gender roles here, we just divide and conquer. 
I’m not a morning person, so Justin is the first to rise and starts feeding the kids. I get up shortly behind him, find the Kerig, and slowly open my eyes. I pick out the clothes, he gets dresses them and brushes their teeth. I make the lunches and sign permission slips, he takes out the trash. I wrestle Brooklyn into hair bows, and Justin changes the poops. We tag team the coats, shoes, and bus harnesses, and walk them out to the bus.


We stand there, like June and Ward Cleaver, and wave goodbye to our sweet children.  Sometimes, we play and laugh on our way back to the house, our simple way of high-giving for another morning well done. He heads to work, and I start the day with Ellie.

With so much work, it is easy to get in the routine of just getting it done. More mornings than I would like to admit, I just go through motions without even pausing.  Without pausing to really appreciate, engage, or even acknowledge my family’s presence. I am trying to change that.

So lately, I’ve tried to make it a point to look everybody in the eye and say I love you.

Good morning.

I see you.
I’m so glad you’re here.

I’ve also tried to take time to savor the little moments.  When I pause as I sit at Jayden’s feet, gently tying his shoes, I get a sweet reminder of how Jesus served.  How He washed his disciples feet. How He asks us to really pause for people that are naked, and hungry, thirsty, or sick. To see them, not just go through the motions. For many years, when I read that, I thought about people who are homeless, or in developing countries, but never my own children.  But now, I believe Jesus is talking about both.

Why? Because my kids are naked. My kids are thirsty.  And, my kids are sick. More and more, I am starting to get glimpses of Jesus when I’m caring for my kids. He teaches me so many profound, and humbling things when I am fully engaged. I feel like I’m serving Him when I take care of my kids.
You know when you put a coat on, and your sleeves get stuck up your jacket?

Or when you’re putting on your shoes and your sock isn’t laying the right way?

It’s all those little things that I’m trying to really consider when getting my kids ready.  Let’s get real, is not every morning.  Some mornings we are just happy that they are dressed and didn’t miss the bus. But other mornings, my hands are becoming a little more gentle wiping off the banana on Brooklyn’s face. A bit more pause to acknowledge Jayden before scraping his eye boogers away.

And, more and more, I am learning to serve Jesus and people, fully engaged, with a posture of pause.

Where do you need to pause?
What areas of your life need full engagement?

I’d love to hear about them!

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