Blessings from the most unlikely person


You guys know Stephanie, right? No, not me-her. She joined our village a year ago. I’ll never forget her first day. Our palliative/hospice organization notified us they had found us a volunteer. And when Stephanie showed up with a water bottle, a sitting pillow, and a change of shoes, I thought they had sent this poor lady to the wrong house. There was no way this sweet, petite, grandma would keep up with our kinda crazy.

But keep up she did. More like run circles, once she got those sneakers laced up.

We are not her only family blessed by Stephanie. When she’s not volunteering at a thrift store, she sits at the bedside of home bound clients so the caregiver can get out. One woman gets her hair done while Stephanie sits with the husband. Another young married couple with a toddler goes on a date while Stephanie sits with the husband’s ailing parents. The only time they get to leave their house is when Stephanie comes.

But with us, Stephanie runs. Stephanie jumps. She plays tea party and exercise with Ellie. She sings and walks with Brooklyn. She talks to Jayden and holds his hand.
She doesn’t have special needs experience. She doesn’t have a degree in Special education. She doesn’t “know” what to do but is eager to help. She doesn’t change diapers-but totally would. She doesn’t lift anything, but holds everything. Mainly, my heart.

We chat. She shares about her family, her faith, and her adventurous spirit. Stephanie’s zest for life, service, and Jesus is inspiring. She laughs and cries with me. We watch old videos of J and B as I introduce her to parts of them she never knew.

Stephanie gives me naps. She lets me write. I can fold laundry because of her and lately, she’s been saving my marriage. Because we are single income now, Justin feels the pressure to work on Saturday mornings. I used to hate it. After a long week, he would leave me for hours, jobs taking way longer than expected, family time sucked up.

But now Stephanie comes.

We have lots of family. We have gobs of people that ask about us and do nice things for us. We even have a handful of great friends. Friends who are raising their kids up right next to ours. We have amazing paid c
aregiving. Women that deserve every penny and would do it for free. We even have a woman that cleans our house. But Stephanie is our only volunteer and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Don’t you want to be like Stephanie? I do.

Today is Saturday and she’s coming over. The last few Saturday’s we’ve done the farmers market. What should we do today? Let us know!

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One thought on “Blessings from the most unlikely person

  1. Stephanie and Stephanie,
    Keep the sparkle, twinkle, and wink! Thank you both for sharing your time and talents. I am learning from you both. Trusting God more each day!


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