Stefanie Boyce is a national speaker, teacher, yoga instructor, and author of two Bible studies designed to help participants create space to be with God and have deep conversations about what they are learning. She is best known for her perspective when it comes to finding beauty in difficult circumstances. 

In 2009, Stefanie and her husband got the news no parent wants to hear. Not one, but two of their children were diagnosed with a rare, genetic disorder, Sanfilippo Syndrome. Children progress until about the age of three, then slowly lose the ability to walk, talk, feed themselves, and eventually pass away. There is no treatment. No cure. 

Three years later, knowing the risks associated with having another child, they welcomed their daughter, Elliotte, and began a new part of the journey navigating typical and terminal, simultaneously. 

In November of 2017, Jayden (11) went home to be with the Lord and just eight months later, their daughter, Brooklyn (9) did too. Committed to thriving, not just surviving, the Boyce’s continue to navigate difficult new normals, always trusting God to reveal the beauty in the midst of such devastation.

In Stefanie’s honest, real life approach that people have come to love, audiences have found encouragement, inspiration, and renewed hope. She speaks on a number of topics offering a redemptive perspective on suffering. Through creative teaching, Stefanie uses everyday items and stories to highlight God’s truth.

In 2019, Stefanie launched her business, The Inner Sanctuary, hosting workshops, retreats, and private consultation designed to help people create space to be with Jesus, fusing the mind-body-spirit connection and blending her passions for spiritual direction and yoga.

In addition to speaking around the country, her work has been featured in the book, Don’t Do This, The Perennial Gen blog, and has a number of pieces featured on The Mighty, a digital health community with over 2 million followers. She has been a guest on Melissa Radke’s Podcast, Ordinary People, Ordinary Things, and is currently working on her first book. She also serves as a parent liaison with the JourneyCare pediatric hospice team, getting to sit with other families that are walking a similar journey. It’s one of her most rewarding roles to date.

Stefanie enjoys connecting and holding space for people to grow ever closer to Jesus- whether that is one on one through private spiritual direction or yoga, teaching, facilitating or keynoting events large and small. She is a wife, forever a mother of three, and dreams of a day she can have a little farmhouse with an old truck to call her own. 

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