Mother’s Day

Mamas-it’s here!

Whether you birthed them or bought them, borrow them and return them, those little humans are yours.

We burp and chop and dress and mop, play and read and kiss and repeat.

We sing and climb, plan days and sit in car pool lines.

We teach and listen and fold and pray, we mess up and show up, clean poop and throw up.

We freak out, we lean in, we forgive and discipline. We worry and hold tight, disagree and fight.

We still call. We still pray. We still give advice, and still check on your day.

We love, we cry, we lose, we die.

We are mothers, yes. And we are so much more. We are a village of women, of warriors.

Happy Mother’s Day!

See more flowers than weeds.

IMG_5581.JPGEllie loves to pick dandelions for me.

I have a glass full of them sitting by the sink. And it got me thinking, when do we stop seeing flowers and start seeing weeds? Because right now, I love her point of view. She doesn’t see a yard being overrun by a weed with a root the size of a carrot. No, she sees a field of beautiful yellow flowers, her favorite color, free for the taking. A gift to be given away.

Perspective is a powerful thing, isn’t it?
And maybe our less desirable, annoying weeds, those ugly things in our life, can become flowers if we just look at them differently, too. If we look at them through the eyes of a child.