My Birthday Breakdown


Because of the nature of my job, Justin never gets to go on overnight retreats with our high schoolers.  I am in charge of all the details from booking, to schedules, permission slips, etc….except for our fall retreat. Fall retreat is with a number of other area churches and I don’t have a lot to do with the actual weekend so the option was open for Justin, instead of me, to go. So, with my blessing, he went but that meant all three kids, all weekend for me. Stubborn as I am, I really wanted to do this whole weekend with no help. I mean, I am their mom, how hard could this be?!


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why we do youth ministry.


Trever Carter is an amazing young man that we have had the honor to get to know quite well over the years as he has been a part of iMPACT, our high school ministry at Immanuel Church.  He is compassionate, funny, and has a servant’s heart.  Jesus looks good shining through him. He is a blessing to iMPACT through the way he serves and loves, and a personal blessing to our family. He is even on time, thoughtful, and responsible…AND 16.
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A parent’s perspective on going to church

Hello world…

I have been MIA on my blog…story of 2012. Not because I have nothing to say, but because I never have the time to say it.  I have been avoiding writing because I am holding out thinking I am going to catch up.  The last post was from August.  Since then, we have moved into our new home and time continues to push us into the next month.  I wanted to get pictures up of September-January before I started writing in real time again but two computer crashes later…I haven’t. Oh well, right?!

2013 has been a good year so far. I think a theme in my life these last two months has been, “what now?” “The house is complete, God what do you want to do with our story, our life?”  I catch myself thinking about my life mission.  “God, what have you called me to do? Where do I invest my energy and time beyond the never-ending task of motherhood and housekeeping?”  I miss the diagnosis days. I miss being overwhelmed with passion to write.  Desperate for the Lord to meet me in every moment and every day.  I don’t want to have the pain and sadness, but I want the peace that surpasses all understanding that came out of it.

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June 2012…recap

June 1: Jayden graduates

My little man has “graduated” from Kindergarten! Time sure flies.

Still on pain medication, I made my way from the hospital, after just giving birth to Ellie, and sat myself in the packed gym on a metal chair to watch my son graduate. I treasure this moment.  Jayden even got a special award for being a good reader!  My sweet husband stepped in to  be Jayden’s 1-on-1 aide for the program (she was unable to make it). He sang the songs and moved Jayden’s hands to the moves.  It was such a special moment. With every milestone that passes, we endure the sadness and the joy. On the one hand, we are sad it is passing. In the same breath, we are overjoyed that he is still here.  Many of our conversations start like this….”Remember when he could…..and end with, I am glad he is still…” Bitter sweet are these moments indeed.

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Buil”t” with the Boyces and the next chapter…

As of 9.11.12, we are proud owners of a beautiful home, mortgage free, paid for and built by our community. How to you even begin to say thank you?! We are beyond words grateful. Every morning I wake up in this beautiful home I am so thankful. There’s not much to complain about these days. The little things just don’t seem to matter much. Our kids are settled and a sense of peace and calm has rested upon our home. It’s a deep exhale I have been craving for 3 years.

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March 3-4: a weekend of celebrations!

Mar 3, 2012: GG’s birthday party
This weekend consisted of two very special celebrations. First, was Great Grandma Bea’s birthday. Grandma is the only “great” grandma the Jayden and Brooklyn still have this side of heaven and we are so blessed to have a relationship with her.

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Dec 31, 2011 Happy New Year!

Jut and I spent the New Year with a few friends, low key watching TV on our couches. It was perfect. I love friends that you can lay on the couch with…or go whoop it up with.We rang in the new year watching “Virgin Diaries”-the most awful show on TV right now. Don’t get me wrong, being a virgin is totally great, but the show had on some of the most unique people….if you haven’t seen it, you tube the trailer for the virgin diaries, first kiss and you will understand what I mean.

Through the Eyes of Sanfilippo-a grandmother’s perspective

Joan, Justin’s mom, is one of my heroes. She embodies Christ-likeness in so many ways that I admire, and although she has wise words to pass on, what moves me so much is her patience, abundant availability of grace, and her amazing strength. Thank you, Joan, for modeling what it looks like to be a humble servant of Christ in the way you live your life.

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