Stefanie shares her courageous story with her children. She will have you laughing and crying with her raw and honest speaking style when addressing even the most difficult topics like, where is God when bad things happen? Or, how do you thrive when there seems to be no hope?


Stefanie understands the unique beauty and disappointments women face on a daily basis. Specific topics Stefanie covers include surrender, patience, being enough, parenting, self-care, thriving, trusting God when He has different plans for your life, and finding beauty in brokenness.


Using her unique combination being on church staff for nine years in ministry and Bible Study teacher, Stefanie can speak into almost every ministry at your church wanting encouragement, inspiration, and renewed hope. She speaks on a number of topics offering a redemptive perspective on suffering. Through creative teaching, Stefanie uses everyday analogies and stories to highlight God’s truth.

When working in a discussion group format, Stefanie helps create space for participants to be with God and have deep conversations about what they are learning for leaders and members alike and loves to train small group leaders to do the same.


Stefanie offers encouragement, best practices, practical survival tips, to parents with topics like how to stay connected to your spouse or one thing every parent must do. She also provides encouragement and support to teachers, staff, and volunteers working in the field of special needs as well as keynoting fundraising events.


Stefanie offers encouragement to anyone dealing with any type of loss. She can speak to topics like the ministry of presence, holding space and showing up, and lament.

Her personal experience with her third child, Elliotte, an training in hospice inform topics like how to talk to your other children about dying  She also provides encouragement, support, and a parent perspective to staff and volunteers working in the field of palliative/hospice care as well as keynoting fundraising events.


Stefanie has over a decade of working with high school youth and can speak to a number of different topics related to faith. She also speaks in university classrooms to students interested in the medical or educational fields of study about rare disease and her experience with multiple disciplines of care.