Buil”t” with the Boyces and the next chapter…

As of 9.11.12, we are proud owners of a beautiful home, mortgage free, paid for and built by our community. How to you even begin to say thank you?! We are beyond words grateful. Every morning I wake up in this beautiful home I am so thankful. There’s not much to complain about these days. The little things just don’t seem to matter much. Our kids are settled and a sense of peace and calm has rested upon our home. It’s a deep exhale I have been craving for 3 years.

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March 3-4: a weekend of celebrations!

Mar 3, 2012: GG’s birthday party
This weekend consisted of two very special celebrations. First, was Great Grandma Bea’s birthday. Grandma is the only “great” grandma the Jayden and Brooklyn still have this side of heaven and we are so blessed to have a relationship with her.

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