why we do youth ministry.


Trever Carter is an amazing young man that we have had the honor to get to know quite well over the years as he has been a part of iMPACT, our high school ministry at Immanuel Church.  He is compassionate, funny, and has a servant’s heart.  Jesus looks good shining through him. He is a blessing to iMPACT through the way he serves and loves, and a personal blessing to our family. He is even on time, thoughtful, and responsible…AND 16.
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Sept 16: Matt’s Game

One of my greatest honors is working with high school youth. Ironic, since Jayden and Brooklyn’s teen years will look much different than all the ones I work with. Part of our journey was grieving the loss of possibly never going to a dance recital for Brooklyn, a track meet or basketball game of Jayden’s, seeing them go to prom, or maybe even youth group. Yet, every week, twice a week, our life and home is full of teenagers.

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