June 1, 2012: The reality of what just happened….

I am sitting in a hospital bed, listening to the distant cries of babies down the hall as my newest baby Ellie is laying peaceful in her bed. We are getting ready to be discharged and head home. There have been so many thoughts and feelings rushing through my body as I reflect back on the last few days.

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May 30, 2012: Miss Elliotte Brynn Boyce

Last night, we left Brooklyn with Ama, tucked Jayden in his bed, and tried to get one last night of “rest” as thoughts of new baby danced in our heads. I woke frequently, mostly to empty my bladder as usual, but at 5AM, something else woke me…cramps. I thought it may be nerves because I was being induced it a few hours, so I got up thinking they would slow down but they actually increased.

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May 30, 2012: morning before meeting Elliotte

It’s 5:18 am. I woke up having contractions on the day I am scheduled to be induced. Funny. I couldn’t sleep very well and had a bit of an emotional breakdown before going to bed. I will admit I am nervous. Nervous for labor and the pain, nervous for seeing her, and nervous that she may or may not have Sanfilippo. I am fearful of the unknown, and in typical character form, I just need to know.

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