Field Notes from Pain: Part Two


This is part two in a two-part series entitled: Field Notes from Pain


“Sometimes God allows what he hates to accomplish what he loves.” 
― Max Lucado-


There was this youth group kid that whittled. You know, the art of taking a piece of wood and turning it into a troll or something. He did that. And he was good. I was fascinated- first, that a high school boy liked to whittle. Random. Then, I was fascinated by his work. He had an entire village of what I imagined to be Wemmicks.  Continue reading “Field Notes from Pain: Part Two”

A little reminder


Some days, we just need a reminder, don’t we?

You are the daughter of the Most High. Jesus adores you. He’s crazy about you. He loves to hear you sing.

You do not serve anyone playing it small. Stop shrinking. Stop doubting yourself and the idea God has given you. You have an audience of One to please so the size of your platform doesn’t matter. Believe the words He’s laying on your heart. Your Father wants good things for you.

He wants to partner with you. He wants to make something beautiful with you. Something that lasts, something bigger than you ever thought possible.

When you start walking towards whatever it is that God is whispering you towards, a funny thing happens. You give others around you permission to do the same. You give your sisters and brothers, your sons and daughters, your husbands and boyfriends, permission to do the same.

Listen, I know you can’t. I know it’s scary. It has to be or it would be on your own strength.

Now knock it off and show up. You know your next step. It’s small, but mighty. He will do the rest, in His time. Your job is to be present. That’s it. Really, that’s it. Just do the next right thing.

Leap, sister.
The world needs you.