Blessings from the most unlikely person


You guys know Stephanie, right? No, not me-her. She joined our village a year ago. I’ll never forget her first day. Our palliative/hospice organization notified us they had found us a volunteer. And when Stephanie showed up with a water bottle, a sitting pillow, and a change of shoes, I thought they had sent this poor lady to the wrong house. There was no way this sweet, petite, grandma would keep up with our kinda crazy.

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A Saturday Suprise

I was making pancakes just like every other Saturday when I caught a glimpse of Liz and Jen running down Boyce Lane. You know them, they both work at Laremont and co-founded the Running for Scott 5k. Jen is also one of our amazing respite workers.

They are runners, but there’s no reason that they would be running down Boyce Lane unless they were up to something-and up to something they were.

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March 2012 updates

Mar 15, 2012: IEP for JaydenJayden’s teaching team have been awesome! They took the time to sit down and write Jayden’s IEP so it really reflects where he is and will help advocate for Jayden to attend Laremont in the summer. Laremont School serves students age 3 to 22 exhibiting severe to profound cognitive disabilities and/or multiple disabilities. Laremont presents an educational option for students whose need for support services is so extensive that it can best be delivered at a centralized site.

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What do you say?

What do you say to parents of 2 children with a terminal illness? I have been thinking about that. And, as one who now fits in this category, I have learned a few things. I used to be aweful with other people when they were grieving. I asked dumb questions and then probably tried to compare it to some less than comparable experience I went through, and then maybe prayed (or forgot to pray) once for the person. I am ashamed to say that, but it’s true. I am sorry. So, in light of that, I was prompted to write this.

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