A little reminder


Some days, we just need a reminder, don’t we?

You are the daughter of the Most High. Jesus adores you. He’s crazy about you. He loves to hear you sing.

You do not serve anyone playing it small. Stop shrinking. Stop doubting yourself and the idea God has given you. You have an audience of One to please so the size of your platform doesn’t matter. Believe the words He’s laying on your heart. Your Father wants good things for you.

He wants to partner with you. He wants to make something beautiful with you. Something that lasts, something bigger than you ever thought possible.

When you start walking towards whatever it is that God is whispering you towards, a funny thing happens. You give others around you permission to do the same. You give your sisters and brothers, your sons and daughters, your husbands and boyfriends, permission to do the same.

Listen, I know you can’t. I know it’s scary. It has to be or it would be on your own strength.

Now knock it off and show up. You know your next step. It’s small, but mighty. He will do the rest, in His time. Your job is to be present. That’s it. Really, that’s it. Just do the next right thing.

Leap, sister.
The world needs you.

From funerals to foster care: A guest feature by Betsy Bicket


Bryan and Betsy are the type of people that should get their plan A. They follow all the rules. They look like and smell like Jesus. Always have, always will. Betsy’s the kind of woman that asked me once if she could just come learn from and be with my kids. Bryan’s the kind of guy that woke up at 2 AM one morning and sent Justin an email just to let him know he was praying for him. They are the type of people who ask how you are doing and really want to know your answer. They aren’t trying to be good, they just are good. It’s as challenging as it is refreshing. 

So when everything changed in their journey, I couldn’t help but watch. How would the they handle life when it stopped going according to plan? How would they handle grief and loss? The answer shouldn’t surprise you-they handled it with Grace and Truth. God took a most dangerous tool, pain, to refine them, deepen them, and shape them more into His image. They were, and continue to be, honest, vulnerable, and unwavering in their faith.

I am so honored Betsy sat down to share her journey with us today.

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Little Yellow Lamborghini



Sunday marked a close to a 9 year run on staff at Immanuel. What a great ride. The staff was so kind and gave me a little send off after second service.  Sheryll made a fantastic cake with a yellow Lamborghini on it that said, “Drive!!!” Josh shared that in my resignation letter, I told a story about a little girl and her father, and a yellow Lamborghini so I thought it would be fun to share the little tale with you.

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