Wake Up: A New Year’s Resolution

I love “new,”  don’t you? The smell of a new car or fresh paint.  A new outfit.  A new gadget. New is fresh. Clean. Full of potential. Not outdated or damaged. Like a new year’s resolution, you try your best to keep it that way.  No feet on the carpet. No food in the car.  But after awhile, “new” fades. It wears off like a manicure. It wasn’t intentional; life just happens. And over time the daily wear and tear starts to show. The new car now smells like french fries. The paint has battle wounds full of war stories from kids, furniture, and pets. The gadget becomes outdated and soon you find yourself back to chasing “new” again. And, new can be scary. Continue reading “Wake Up: A New Year’s Resolution”

Dec 31, 2011 Happy New Year!

Jut and I spent the New Year with a few friends, low key watching TV on our couches. It was perfect. I love friends that you can lay on the couch with…or go whoop it up with.We rang in the new year watching “Virgin Diaries”-the most awful show on TV right now. Don’t get me wrong, being a virgin is totally great, but the show had on some of the most unique people….if you haven’t seen it, you tube the trailer for the virgin diaries, first kiss and you will understand what I mean.