Pregnancy Progress: Third Trimester

This pregnancy has been physically and emotionally difficult.  I have never been a good pregnant person….and toward the last few months, it has really taken a toll. I know looking back you forget most of it, but I wanted to blog about the yucky-ness so I don’t forget!

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Jan 16, 2012 Ultrasound, it’s a girl

Baby number three. Still sounds weird. I never thought I would be having a third child, and if you knew me pregnant with Jayden, you may be surprised that even Brooklyn is here. And beyond the walking symptom book I am when I am pregnant, it is even more amazing given the 25% chance this baby girl will have Sanfilippo. In a way, I have been avoiding this blog post. I guess it is because I actually am documenting my feelings towards a third child, and to be honest, I am full of mixed emotions.

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Journey to trusting God, for real….

Speaking of being open to special needs….

Justin and I have been on a journey since we began having children. We used to talk about how many kids we wanted, did we want boys, girls, or a combo… We never discussed having special needs, but did make passing comments once in a while that we would be perfect candidates for the job because of our faith, family, and network of support…. Little did we know…

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