A Saturday Suprise

I was making pancakes just like every other Saturday when I caught a glimpse of Liz and Jen running down Boyce Lane. You know them, they both work at Laremont and co-founded the Running for Scott 5k. Jen is also one of our amazing respite workers.

They are runners, but there’s no reason that they would be running down Boyce Lane unless they were up to something-and up to something they were.

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Painfully Aware of MPS day

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I can always tell when it’s MPS Awareness Day because my Facebook feed goes purple. Purple balloons, purple hair extensions, purple shirts, purple profile pictures, purple lemonade stands. It’s a day the MPS community pauses from our individual struggles and stands in solidarity to announce, remind, and remember. Announce there is a terrible thing called MPS and we need a cure for it. Remind one another that we are part of something bigger than ourselves and we are not alone.  And remember all the kids that passed away and their families that paved the way for ours.

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Because I can…

Join us at Laremont this Sunday in Gages Lake!

I was a dancer.

In junior high, high school, and college my sport was dance.  And, although I didn’t have a lot of technical training, I enjoyed it and wasn’t half bad. I loved being on a dance team.  Post college, I even taught dance at a park district.  But after I had Jayden, I hung up my dance shoes.

Never in a million years would I have thought I would start running at 33.

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