Oct 22: Chili Cook off

The chili cook off “OPEN” house was a huge success! We had a great turn out, made the local paper, and raised over $1,000 just from the chili votes. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day! Thank you to the 12 people that brought chili, Steve Brandon, Sherry Brandon, Micah Montondo, Cindy Jorgenson, Jason Alm, Lauren Ball, Concetta Kellough, Joan Boyce, Jill Boyce, Sarah Lerner, Kelly Hubert, and Gil Miller. YUM! And thanks to Kalie and Robert for cornbread and the video. Thanks to Joan for helping decorate, and a special thanks to Jan Brooks for an over the top carmel apple bar and cornbread! Thank you Jan Devore for the pop. It was a beautiful day, and we celebrated as the men worked! FUN!

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Oct 1: Brayden’s birthday

Today we went to Brayden’s 5th birthday party. Brayden is 10 weeks younger than Jayden, and they have been friends since they were born. It was a beautiful day and wonderful outdoor party, with tractor rides, train rides, yummy food and a play set.
I will be honest, it was hard to be there, seeing all of the boys Jayden’s age running and playing together, while Jayden played with us on the play set. He didn’t care. He would watch the boys then go back to playing with us, but it broke my heart. Parents stood around and lightly supervised their kids while they chatted about how as their children they get physically easier to take care of….while we tried to smile as we went up and down the play set with our kids. Our lives are just different. Not even bad. It was just a sad reminder of what Jayden can’t do, but a happy reminder that we are happy being different.

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Sept 11: 10 years twin towers and Katie run

I remember exactly where I was. I had just finished class at EIU, our teacher didn’t tell us (stinkin Stat’s teacher) and I walked into my friends house and the video of the plane and burning buildings was looped on the TV. I remember thinking it was a movie they rented. I feel so awful for the families of loved ones who lost someone that day. I am sad that there is such evil in the hearts of people.

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July 16: Rockford Garage sale

Thank you to my mom, Steve, Aunt Nancy and Uncle George….and ALL of their amazing friends for weeks and weeks of packing, moving, sorting, resorting, folding, organizing, lifting, and everything else that goes into a garage sale! For a one day sale, $3,000 isn’t too shabby! We also made the news! The video is down but here is the link and brief article:
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