“Stefanie wowed us with her clear teaching, poignant testimony and true humility. The response has been overwhelming, with stories of changed hearts and lives. Get her.”

Kate B.-Women’s Ministry Director
Lakeland Church

“Stefanie was professional and prepared with space to be led by the Holy Spirit. We loved her personality and wittiness. Her candid nature combining humor and spiritual seriousness made for a wonderful recipe that shined a light on Christ without overwhelming an outreach audience.”

Katie H. -Women’s Ministry Director
Kenosha Bible Church

“Stefanie is an amazing speaker. Our group has had her speak more than once. We love her energy, testimony, and her ability to share her heart. She does a great job of tying everything together and making it relateable to each different woman she speaks with.”

Bonnie J.-MOPS Coordinator
Cross Life Church

“The overall impression was excellent for all of us. The leadership team, the attendees and my own. We couldn’t have asked for a better speaker for our Ladies Night. I heard from the ladies the entire weekend stating how awesome Stefanie was. Everywhere I went in the small town of Byron, someone approached me sharing how touched they were by Stefanie’s message.”

Kim N.- Ministry Coordinator
Cornerstone Family Church

“Stefanie was a fantastic speaker at our youth group retreat. She was fun. She was engaging. She was challenging. She helped us dive into the deep end as a group. Students have talked about her non-stop since the retreat was over. Her talks come up in small group discussions to this day. Stefanie is great at coming in and helping YOU do what YOU feel you need… she wants the group to better than how she found it. She wants to help you take the ball down the field in your ministry. I highly recommend her as a speaker. Stefanie has a amazing story and amazing insight into the Christian faith, and more people need to hear her!”

Jonathan Hobbs-Director of Youth Ministries
Church of the Good Samaritan

“Stefanie blessed our Military MOPS group with the opportunity to meet her and hear her amazing story filled with inspiration and hope.  We laughed and cried but most of all left with an overwhelming feeling of reassurance.  Our lives are filled with the “unknown” and ever-changing circumstances. Stefanie showed us that if we root our lives in the love of Christ, nothing can change our soul.  When life gives us plans B, C and sometimes D, we know we are always loved and never alone with Christ.  “We’ve got this!”

ALICIA F.Randolph Air Force Base

“The students commented on Stefanie’s strength and found her inspiring; words used included: positive attitude; transparency; vulnerability; role model of how to face hardship; insight; fortitude; eye-opening; heart-touching; amazing; educational; A blessing.”

Keith B. MS, RN
Associate Professor of Health Sciences and Nursing
North Park University

“Stefanie Boyce is captivating. Her perspective on life is real and inspirational. She is not letting her circumstances prevent her from flourishing. She will make you laugh and cry, the good kind of cry. She is a world changer! Jesus’ love radiates from her. Stefanie truly is a blessing to all who hear her story.”

Jessica A.-MOPS attendee

“Her love for God’s word is contagious! Very encouraging! One mom shared, “I found her to be very relatable even though I don’t have a special needs child.”

Wendi H.-Moms in the Middle Coordinator
Faith Church

“So many times Stefanie has put my own thoughts into words on the page. I love that she gives special needs a voice and tries to make something meaningful from that which is sometimes so incomprehensible.”

ANDREA S.-blog reader

“Another raw and honest post from Stefanie. I so appreciate her willingness to be honest and real with her struggles instead of just sharing the highlight reel.”

Andrea B.-blog reader

“Stefanie Boyce embodies what it means to flourish where you are planted. She will make you laugh and cry, all while providing practical points of dealing with life when it doesn’t go as planned. We highly recommend her for any group in need of encouragement!”

JEN G and DINA G.-MOPS Coordinators

“I haven’t met Stefanie, but every time she shares one of her posts, I read it and every time I love it! It is probably my favorite blog to read. She truly has talent. I feel like I know her family and I am moved to tears with every post. I have no doubt she has found her calling, or at least one of them. Thanks for sharing!”

Nikki M.
Blog Reader

“You may not ever meet Stefanie, but every time you read her writing, you feel like you two are best friends and she is sharing her innermost self with you. She is always open and raw and nothing short of inspiring.”

Katie Q.
Blog Reader

“Stefanie has been so helpful in educating the truths about special needs to our children’s ministry team. Having her own personal experience [as a mother of two children with special needs] along with her knowledge of starting and leading a successful special needs ministry was really helpful to our church.  I thank God I met her because she not only supports us as our church becomes more inclusive, she encourages me personally. And being a mother of a son with Autism, it’s exactly what I need.”

Aimee C.
Chain of Lakes Community Bible Church

“Stefanie was the driving force and is the heart and soul behind the amazing special needs ministry at Immanuel Church. She encouraged and guided the church to move from “handling” special needs children to welcoming them and their families with genuine love and grace into a state of the art environment. Our children’s ministry now incorporates inclusion as well as individual care.  Stefanie continues to assist us with training our staff of teachers and “buddies” using a training she created. She has been able to help our teachers adapt the Orange curriculum and use it effectively in the program.” 

RUTH K. and DAGMAR M. -Children’s Directors
Immanuel Church